The Italian Terrain , 2008 - Rocco Chiarolanza

2008 Map of the Asiago Area showing the location of the British Military Cemeteries with a key to map symbols. Click on any of the images for an enlarged view.

Memorial just outside Granezza and Granezza Military Cemetery
2 Views - Boscon Military Cemetery

Magnaboschi Military Cemetery

Barenthal British Military Cemetery


Pat Tobin (Ireland) said...

Such a beautiful, sad place. Men who left homes, wives, families hoping to return, now here forever. Sad, and I pray for them. God bless.

Paul Dyson said...

Extremely interesting blog for me. I have recently discovered my grandfather's war records on Ancestry which show that he served, and survived, in Italy from January 1918 with the 240th and 390th Siege Batteries, Royal Garrison Artillery. At the moment I believe that this was in the Asiago area, as there is a letter which shows he was involved in defending against the Austrian attack on 15th June. Does anyone know of evidence of where the batteries were placed or of any other accounts of RGA service in Italy? I already have Hugh Dalton's book.

Paul Dyson (Bolton)

Rocco said...

1) Gladden, Norman Across the Piave IWM London 1959 or
2) Mackay, F Asiago, 15/16 June 1918 The Battle in the Woods and Clouds Barnsley, 2001

Michelle said...

My Great Granddad was killed at 3am in the first ambush which I beleive were attacked with gas on 15 June 1918 in Asiago he is buried in Granezza which I am visiting on the 9 July 2008.

Rocco said...

Hi Michelle,
Maybe the 9 july I'll be again at Granezza with my wife to take last pictures. If you get this message write to me to:
Maybe, if you like, I can help you to find the best places to visit. They are so many that it's hard to choose where to go!